Since 1991, the Myofu-An New York Dojo has been dedicated to teaching the classical martial arts under the direction of Dr. Koryu Muramatsu, founder and director of Kobujutsu Kenkyu-kai Myofu-An Dojo of Noda City, Japan.  The New York Dojo is the senior most representative school in the United States and is fully sanctioned to award grading through the Hombu Dojo of Japan.  There are currently no ongoing classes in New York, however please visit our other locations listed on the locations page or contact us for seminar information.


A native New Yorker and veteran martial artist, Max has been practicing martial arts for most of his life.  He was introduced to them by his mother when he was five years old and has been fascinated ever since.  After training in various styles throughout the years, he chose the Classical Martial Arts of Japan and was fortunate to become a personal student of martial arts master, Dr. Koryu Muramatsu of Noda city, Japan.  For almost 30 years, he has dedicated his life to learning from Muramatsu-shihan and continues to hone his skills through his annual trips to Japan and by teaching in New York, Connecticut, and other locations throughout the US.  Professionally, Max is a licensed acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist.  He and his wife lead a busy life bringing up their children in their new hometown of Easton, CT.